GIMP For iOS? Follow up

Just a quick follow up to our latest post, about the possibility of GIMP for iOS. Since I obviously can’t use GIMP on my iOS devices, I’m going to tell you what I use instead of GIMP.

I use a free app available on the AppStore called Pixlr Photo Express+ for most of my editing. For the few things I don’t use Pixlr for, I use an app called Aviary. In general I would say that Pixlr is much better. The only thing I don’t like about Pixlr is that there is no free select tool like there is in GIMP.

There is An app called Adobe Photoshop Touch (I don’t have it, maybe I will get it soon), but it is pricey at $9.99, but it does have a free select tool. (It has pretty much all the features of Photoshop.)

Photogene is similar but only $2.99, but it does not support layers. It does, however, have FTP export, something that Photoshop touch does not have. Overall, I would say that Photoshop touch is better, judging from it’s specs.

-The Editor
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