New YouTube Video — Sony Vegas Tutorial – How to Mask in Movie Studio!

Here’s our latest video on our YouTube channel! In this tutorial we show you how to achieve masking if you don’t have Sony Vegas Pro or Adobe After Effects and are stuck using Sony Vegas Movie Studio.

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Handz Studioz YouTube Channel!

This has been on our list for a while, and as the year gets off to a start, we finally did it. Handz Studioz now has its very own YouTube channel! Be sure to check it out and subscribe! Below is the channel trailer — tell us what you think in the comments.

What Is Alexa and Why Does It Matter?

Have you ever visited a website and wondered, “How popular is this site compared to others in the world?” Or perhaps, “What’s the most popular website in the world?” has the answer for you.

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Alexa is an company that tracks visitors to websites, and then ranks those sites based on the number of views that it gets. Not surprisingly, Google is #1, Facebook #2, and YouTube #3. The way Alexa works via a toolbar/plugin that users can install to their browser; Alexa looks to see, for instance, ‘OK. How many toolbars (equivalent to visitors) visit How many views does get?’ Alexa is regarded pretty much as the gold standard in basic web analytics, along with Google Analytics.

Now, let’s look at the second part of the question: why does Alexa matter anyway? Well, let’s give an example. Let’s say that here at Handz Studioz we wanted to review a new camera. We would contact the manufacturer and say, “We have a tech website, and we’d like to review _________ product. What can you offer?” Now we wouldn’t be that blunt, of course, but that’s the general idea. The company would receive our request and most likely visit the site; they would want to know whether it’s worth giving a discounted product out in exchange for a review. Thus, they would use an analytics engine (either Alexa or Google Analytics, most likely both) to see how popular a particular site is. Then they would decide either to say, “Sure, here’s our offer,” or “Sorry, but we can’t help you.”

You can see how important Alexa is; if you have a good ranking, you’re much more likely to get better opportunities than if you don’t. Established sites with high rankings, such as, would be much more likely to receive a free iPhone 6 than a new tech website that someone just recently created. That’s not the only reason Alexa is important, however. Ranking on Alexa is a pretty big deal. You may have noticed that Ford says in all of its commercials, “…Best selling pickup in America for ______ number of years…” In the same way, one (Google) could say, “We have the #1 website in the whole world!”

Here’s where we could use your help. Handz Studioz’ current rank according to Alexa is 16,900,046; we do receive a fairly high amount of traffic, but unfortunately not many viewers have the Alexa toolbar installed, thus, a fairly low Alexa rank. If you enjoy Handz Studioz, please visit the toolbar download page and install it for your browser. As you visit Handz Studioz, Alexa will get more data for more accurate ranking.

This won’t just help Handz Studioz, but all websites you visit. If you visit to order something, then Alexa gets a little more data about the number of visits to (which provides a more accurate rank). If you visit, then Alexa gets a little more data about the number of visits to; it progresses from there. So, here’s a chance to help Handz Studioz, and at the same time, help all sites on the internet!

If you enjoyed this post or found it interesting, please like and follow! Please share it with others in your community, whether physical, or online. Be sure to install the Alexa toolbar; doing so will help the whole internet with more accurate data. Plus, as you visit Handz Studioz, we get a better ranking as the traffic monitoring becomes more accurate!

-The Editor