M-Disc — What is it?

Shucks. You hear it — the sound of a dying hard drive; the click-clack-whir of an unreadable DVD. It makes you wish had done that backup last Saturday… but that information is lost forever.  So what does that have to do with M-Disc?  M-Disc can solve those problems — permanently.

M-Disk is essentially a really souped up DVD. Where DVDs have a polycarbonate coating for protection and a dye layer to capture information from the laser, M-Disk has a glass coating for protection and a stone-like layer (made out of compounded metals and minerals) to collect information. They are a pretty expensive (about $3 per disc), but the manufacturer performed tests and claims a 1,000 year life…quite a bit longer than the 10 year life of a normal DVD. M-Disk’s two main parts are the glass, and then a stone/particle layer that is much more reliable than the dye layer in standard DVDs. Although the M-Disk is rated for 1,000 years, the manufacturer claims that the stone layer could last up to 10,000 years! However, the life of the M-Disk is limited by the glass to 1,000 years.

Unfortunately, you need a special burner to burn the DVDs — The stone layer in the M-Disk takes a laser that is 3x more powerful than that in a standard DVD. However, you can read it with a standard DVD port on your computer or TV. M-Discs are burned the same way as standard DVDs, it just takes more power to burn them. That is why you can read them with a standard DVD drive, just not burn them. The special burner and packages of M-Discs can be purchased from the Milleniatia’s (the manufacturer’s) website.

Here is some technical information about M-Disk:
M-Disk can withstand over 185 degree heat, 80% humidity, and 12 hours of sunlight without any data loss. They come in the standard 4.7 GB size. On average, that is enough capacity for 8,000 photos, 240 minutes of video, or over 100,000 documents, according to the manufacturer (there is also a Blu-ray version that holds 25 GB, which is enough for 21 hours of non-HD video, 120 minutes of HD video, or 42,000 pictures). If you are really technical and you thirst for more, check out this video:

The amount of scientific data gathered by Milleniatia is astonishing… far too much for me to put in one post. So, I’ll just put a link here.

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