Sneak Peek: What’s Coming Up on Handz Studioz — Lots of Apple

On Tuesday, September 9, Apple released information regarding its newest smartphones, the iPhone 6 and 6+, the long awaited iOS 8, and a long-speculated Watch.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO, said, “iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are the biggest advancements in iPhone history. The iPhone is the most loved smartphone in the world with the highest customer satisfaction in the industry and we are making it much better in every way. Only Apple can combine the best hardware, software and services at this unprecedented level and we think customers are going to love it.” Personally, agree with Mr. Cook. As you may, or may not know, a while ago we posted about speculations regarding iOS 8 and the iPhone 6; that post contained rumored specs as well as other information. Now we have confirmation about the specs and new features, release dates, etc.

As expected, Apple will release two models of its 6th-gen smartphone: the 6 and the 6+. The 6 will have a screen size of 4.7″ and a resolution of 1334 x 750, and the 6+ with a screen size of 5.5″ and a resolution of 1920 x 1080. This will allow for competition with larger phones like the Samsung Galaxy s5 and LG G3.

Apple also released information about an Apple Watch (commonly referred to as the iWatch) that will be comparable to the Samsung Galaxy Gear. You can expect more information about the Watch within the next few weeks.

Apple then released information about iOS 8, which will have a revamped messages app, a new health app, and better iCloud syncing, along with other features. You can look for an in-depth iOS 8 review on Handz Studioz after iOS 8 comes out on September 17. The iOS update begins at 10 AM Pacific Time (1 PM Eastern).

You can pre-order the iPhone 6 and 6+ starting on September 12 (today). The new iPhones will be officially out on September 19, but with cool new features such as 240 fps at 720p HD, iOS 8, a revamped camera, and more, maybe the pre-order is worth it. We’ll see what we can do about getting our “Handz” on one to review for you.

Don’t forget to follow to be notified about our upcoming iOS 8 review, the Apple Watch, iPhone 6, and more! This was just a sneak peek; there’s a lot more to be watching for. We plan to have an in-depth review for each aspect of Apple’s new lineup so you can have a relevant, comprehensive reference as these are released.

-The Editor

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